Why Mud Gas Separators are Highly Important for Well Control

Mud Gas Separators (also referred to as Poor Boy Degassers or Gas Busters) are vital in the control of well situations and are situated downstream of the choke manifold. The Mud Gas Separator acts by separating the gas from the mud when the gas has come from the hole and the system works on the basis of a difference in density between the mud and the gas.

If the gas is not removed from the mud at this stage, then the mud weight is lowered and the hydrostatic pressure is reduced when the gas-cut mud is pumped back down the hole. This results in an increase in the possibility of taking a kick, which is a well control problem that poses a great hazard for a well operation and can (if undetected) cause a blowout if it is left untreated over time.

Therefore, it is highly important that any gas coming out of the well bore is removed from the mud in order to prevent the occurrence of a blowout. This is where the Task Products Mud Gas Separator offers a safe and efficient solution to this common cause for concern during the well operation by implementing the following steps:


Operation Procedure

  1. A choke manifold re-directs both the mud and gas from the flowline directly into the main body of the mud gas separator.
  2. The fluid impacts the baffle plates and causes the gas to release.
  3. The free gas is then gathered and extracted from the mud gas separator through ventilation to a flare or released to the surrounding atmosphere at the top of the vessel.
  4. The mud gas separator preserves the fluid at a pre-determined level throughout operation.
  5. The drilling fluid is then fed back to the mud system for further extraction of any remaining entrained gas.

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